We provide the following services for patients:

    • Acute and urgent care needs as well as treatment of minor injuries
    • Chronic disease management (including hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol)
    • Routine testing and monitoring of heart and lung disease (including in-office EKG's and Pulmonary Function Testing)
    • Evaluation and treatment of various skin conditions including surveillance for various skin cancers
    • Women's preventive health care, including annual pap smear and breast exams as well as coordinating appropriate imaging studies
    • Evaluation and treatment of bone loss and osteoporosis (including traditional and holistic treatments)
    • Pregnancy testing and counseling as well as evaluation and treatment of illnesses during pregnancy
    • Men's preventive health care and yearly examination (including prostate exams)
    • Diagnosis and multi-disciplinary treatment of alcohol and substance abuse
    • Outpatient drug and alcohol detox
    • Diagnosis and multi-disciplinary treatment of various mood disorders as well as ADD/ADHD
    • Nutritional and weight loss counseling and medication treatment
    • Comprehensive adolescent health care
    • Routine immunizations and travel medicine services (including customized travel medications)
    • School and sports physicals
    • Comprehensive treatment of smoking dependence
    • Diagnosis and treatment of various hormone and vitamin deficiencies (including Vitamin B-12 and Testosterone injections)
    • Multi-modal treatment of acne
    • Cognitive function and memory screening for dementia and memory loss
    • Pre-op physical examinations for elective/cosmetic surgeries as well as non-elective surgeries and procedures

​He is attentive, very thorough, and always follows up with me.

​Patient for 6 years

​She's deeply knowledgeable and I can talk to her about anything.

​Patient for 7 years

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Office Information:

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Newport Beach, CA 92660
Office : 949-640-4455