Membership Benefits

  • More attention and focus from your doctor. Your doctor's ongoing support and involvement across all of your healthcare needs.
  • Stronger collaboration with your doctor - during and between appointments - to help you build and follow a comprehensive plan for healthy living
  • Direct contact with your doctor - connect easily via phone, email, text or in person.
  • Affordable fees. Membership fees are designed to accommodate individuals, couples and families
  • Peace of mind. A strong relationship with your doctor helps you lead a healthier life.

Membership Services

  • Same-day/next-day appointments. You can easily and quickly schedule a visit with your doctor
  • Ongoing involvement and advocacy. Your doctor can go to greater lengths to support and assist you throughout your entire health journey, including: coordinating referrals to various specialists, ordering and reviewing test results, evaluating alternative treatment options, assisting with hospital admissions, and more
  • Interactive, secure patient-doctor communications via secure email
  • Custom wellness programs to help you live your healthiest life possible